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Generate EU
compliant E-labels
in minutes, no
expertise needed.

Welcome to – Simplify your labeling process with our solution, crafted by experts to ensure compliance with EU label and Italian packaging laws. Our intuitive interface is customized for winemakers, delivering a seamless and efficient experience.

Simplify Compliance & Amplify Confidence with our E-label Service

Smooth Compliance with EU & Italian Packaging Labelling Regulations

Ensure your wine labels meet all EU and Italian Packaging labelling regulations effortlessly. Our E-Labels solution takes care of the compliance complexities, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional wines.

Easy E-label Templates for Regulation Compliance

Simplify the compliance process with our user-friendly semi-automatic form to meet EU and Italian Packaging regulations. Create professional labels that comply with ease, even with basic knowledge of the requirements.

Easy | Reliable | Flexible

Streamline labeling, Stand out while staying compliant with EU label and Italian packaging laws. User-friendly interface, tailored for wine makers.

-Calle Nilsson, Co-founder

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Why Choose E-Winetag?

EU Complaint E-labels

Our platform, crafted by industry experts, ensures your wine labels are 100% compliant with EU regulations.

Redirect QR labels to your own website

Our function allows you to display labels on your website with seamless integration, manageable by those with basic technical skills, supported by our readily available assistance.

Automatic Translation provides translation into all 24 EU languages and showcases country-specific information through geolocation.

Developed with Specialist

Our tool, developed with winegrowers and legal experts, adapts continuously to legal changes and includes recycling labels for Italy.

Quick and Easy Process

Streamline compliance using our intuitive templates for EU and Italian regulations; easily create professional labels, no experience needed.

Sustainable Customization

Maintain control over your labels with our E-Labels platform. Edit online anytime to ensure relevance and compliance until your wine is shelved.


Hear It from Our Clients

“Partnering with this e-labeling service has been a game-changer for our business. The platform’s simplicity and ease of use have allowed us to focus on what we do best—making exceptional wines—while knowing our labeling needs are taken care of with precision and efficiency.”
Julián Heugas
Bodega Renacer, Argentina
“It’s excellent indeed. I’m set on cataloging all my wines, as it proves beneficial for various reasons: it encompasses key wine information, automatically calculates energy ratings/figures, and meets QR code requirements. The integration of wine information feels seamless. Additionally, the option to download the QR code right from the dashboard simplifies processes significantly, making it straightforward to complete.”
Jenny Sutton
Alexander Daniels Wines, Australia
“I’m really impressed with this e-labeling service; it’s user-friendly and intuitive. Even with minimal tech expertise, I found it easy to navigate the platform and quickly create professional wine labels. The software simplifies the entire process, including key information and compliance with QR code standards.”
Vincent Eymann
Weingut Eymann, Germany

Yearly Subscription Plans

Our range of subscription options is designed to cater to diverse needs, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose a plan that perfectly suits your specific goals.


  • 4 new E-labels
  • Email support service within 24 hours
  • Automatic translation (24 EU languages)
  • Editable labels and redirectable QR codes (no lock-in)
  • Easy to export labels
  • Up to 40 e-label storage capacity


€ 299 € 199/year*

  • 500 new E-labels
  • Instant support (email, chat, phone)
  • Automatic translation (24 EU languages)
  • Editable labels and redirectable QR codes (no lock-in)
  • Free admin help for migrating existing labels
  • Up to 2500 e-label storage capacity
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Integrate Our Labels with Your Website

Ensure your labels are not only created with ease but also published directly on your own website using API. This standalone service is available for a one-time fee of 200 euros.

To request this service, please contact us at

Any Confusion Yet?

If you’re feeling uncertain or have any questions, we’re here to help make things crystal clear. By booking an appointment with one of our knowledgeable sales team representatives, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into any queries or concerns you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is E-Labeling and why is it important for wineries?

E-Labeling refers to the electronic display of wine labels through QR codes. It is essential for wineries as it allows them to comply with EU regulations, provide detailed product information, enhance traceability, and engage consumers with interactive experiences.

How does the website ensure compliance with EU and Italian Environmental Labelling Regulations?

Our website ensures strict compliance by providing a user-friendly template that includes all the necessary fields required by the regulations. The drop-down lists are populated from official sources, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the guidelines.

How many languages are supported for the E-Label translation?

Our software automatically translates your wine label into 26 EU languages, enabling broader accessibility for consumers across different countries

Can I display marketing or sales data on the E-Label?

No, Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 permits only information on energy values and ingredients. Our website ensures compliance with this regulation, allowing wineries to focus on providing accurate and relevant information to consumers.

Can I edit the E-Label after it has been applied to the wine bottle?

Yes, you have the flexibility to edit the nutritional information of your E-Label at any time. The link to your label remains the same, allowing you to make updates as needed.

How long will my E-Label remain accessible online?

Your EU wine labels will remain accessible online for as long as you desire. We understand that certain wines can be stored for 10-20 years, and the decision of how long you wish to retain your label online is entirely in your hands.

Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues?

Absolutely! We provide industry-leading customer support to assist you with any queries or concerns. Our dedicated team is ready to help you navigate the E-Labeling process and address any technical issues.

How is the QR code printed on the physical wine label?

The QR code is accompanied by a clear call to action, prompting users to “Scan for ingredients and nutritional values.” Additionally, energy values in both KJ and kcal are displayed on the physical label alongside the QR code.

Are the QR codes generated by your website scannable by all smartphones?

Yes, the QR codes generated by our website are universally scannable by all smartphones with QR code scanning capabilities. This ensures seamless access to the E-Label information for consumers.

Can I export the E-labels for distribution to different markets?

Absolutely! Our website allows you to export the E-labels, making it convenient to distribute your wines to different markets. You can easily share the labels digitally or include them in your packaging materials, ensuring compliance and consistency across various locations.

Does your website support other EU countries’ packaging and recycling laws?

Yes, our E-Label solution aligns with the packaging and recycling laws of various EU countries, including Italy. By using our service, wineries can ensure compliance with multiple regulations through a single platform.

Is my data secure when using your website?

We prioritize data security and follow industry-standard practices to protect your information. Our website employs encryption protocols and safeguards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.